Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crypt of the Vanquished Watchers

This is my first honest attempt at concepting an environment piece. Any critiques would be awesome! Especially since I plan on building it next.


  1. Sweet idea. I like the rune stuff you came up with. I'm not concept artist so I don't want to speak too much into the actual painting part of it, but the first thing that really comes to my attention is that I'm having a hard time gauging the scale. It almost feels like a big building. Then as I look over it It feels kinda like one of those little toy houses for kids to play in. I'm thinking the sconces, bricks, and chain holders are too big.

    Another thing is the perspective on the front roof piece. I can't tell if it is angled outwards or if it is a perspective mistake.

    Small thing about the statue. I think the helmet doesn't fit with the rest of the architecture. It feels a little DaftPunk-y and not as diablo-y.

    Just a few of my impressions, otherwise looks awesome man!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the crits, yeah I agree I'm gonna make the bricks smaller and the chains and sconces bigger. Hopefully that will make the proportions feel better.

    The roof is tilted out ward a bit but the wall inside is supposed to go straight up, I don't think I conveyed that very well.

    Yeah, I think the helmets need more of a bucket design. I'll probably flatten out the tops and see if I can do something better for the ear pieces.

  3. sweet concept! I like the the crypt idea! I agree with what josh is saying about the scale issues. Some of the things like the chain and statues are so far off in scale that it is making hard to gauge about what size a human would be. Maybe try and adding a silhouette of a person so it can be easier to gauge scale. Also i think that the style of the angel statue and the style of the building are conflicting. Maybe making the statue more medieval-ish would help them blend better. The size of the window where all the candles are at seem a bit small. Other then that i think is pretty sweet maybe add some outside ambient detail like rocks or bushes. Also maybe think of the age of the building maybe if it's an older building you might have a bit more cracks on the walls or even maybe some broken tiles on the roof or pieces of the statue might be broken. Other than that it's looking pretty sweet!! can't wait to see it in 3d.

  4. Awesome man! Yeah, I've already taken some of that into account from Josh's crits but I'll definitely add those details in. I'll try to post the updated concept tonight! Thanks so much man, all this is really helpful!